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Fold Down Passenger Seats Plan


Our unique fold down seats design allows safe and secure passenger seats to be stowed away when not in use. This saves space and allows the area to be transformed into a multi-purpose space such as as a corner lounge suite or beds/bench.

These engineering/fabrication drawings include:

  • Section & Elevation
  • Seat Subframe
  • Subframe Mounting
  • Wall Plates
  • Seatbelt Window Bar

This Motorhome Stressed Seating system was designed in August 2018 to meet New Zealand Land Transport Seatbelts and Anchorages 2002, Rule 32011. The system was designed for a 1997 Toyota Coaster LWB model with selected donor seats retrofitted from a 2003 VW Touran. The drawings are intended to be used to assist in the design and fabrication phase and will be required to be checked and approved by a suitable certified heavy vehicle engineer.

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